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A little more about me

Hi, I'm Beckie!

I am a Registered Holistic Nutritionist and I help women restore their gut health with nourishing foods and stress-relieving techniques. I'm a closet poet and intuition enthusiast who believes seasonal foods, flowing water, fresh air, and mindful awareness can heal (almost) all.

I'm currently living in Kitchener, Ontario with my partner, and our puppy Frida and spend every day dreaming of our forever home that's snuggled amongst the towering trees of the surrounding forest.

Growing up, I was always curious about food and movement and what it meant to be truly “healthy”. At the age of 16, I began to start my days running through the trees like I was some modern-day Pocahontas. That’s when I started to notice and connect with the magic that nature has to offer. The towering trees above my head, the smell of the earth beneath my feet, and the vibration of the flowing water alongside my body helped me uncover my inner awareness — my true self.

I craved to deepen my understanding of the sensations that I felt within me. Why did they feel so strong? Why did they feel so sacred? And why did they make me feel so emotionally connected to not only myself but to my surroundings? I was pulled towards activities like yoga, meditation, breathwork, eating more plants and balanced meals, forest bathing, and journaling because I felt them make my intuition and heart grow stronger. I became my very own best friend and over time, I was able to sit back and truly feel the love that I had for myself and the others around me, which completely transformed my mental and physical health.

Through this journey of self-discovery, I learned that being healthy meant more than just eating more vegetables and less junk. It meant connection — connection to life forces far greater than our immediate surroundings.

Once the pandemic hit, I knew that it was time to change my career path. I was guided to the Canadian School of Natural Nutrition, where I graduated to become a Holistic Nutritionist. With all of this knowledge and understanding that I’ve learned over time, it felt only right to now share it with others.

Since I received my diploma, I’ve been able to work with dozens of clients who have suffered from digestive issues, chronic fatigue, and overwhelming daily stressors and watched them grow into inspiring and radiant individuals. I have been able to witness their passion for health blossom and

impact their life in such a natural and effortless way.

Thank you for taking the time to get to know me a little better, I look forward to connecting in the future.

With love,


I would love an opporunity to get to know you better and work together on your wellness goals.

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